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From This Day Forward

Every couple walks down the aisle thinking their marriage will last forever– from this day forward. But the truth is, more marriages are failing today than ever before. Relationships seem so much tougher to maintain. We have become people who focus on differences rather than likeness. We draw party lines, focus on cultural differences, and seek to be understood rather than to understand. Relationships are hard, and giving up is easy. Join us this Sunday as we talk about 6 commitments that you can make to help insure that you have a healthy, failproof marriage!

Series Schedule

  • 8.28 - I will seek God
  • 9.4 - I will fight fair
  • 9.11 - I will serve selflessly
  • 9.18 - I will have fun
  • 9.25 - I will stay pure
  • 10.2 - I will never give up