Where is God in the midst of injustice? Why doesn’t God do something about wickedness and suffering? How can I still trust God when what I believe in my heart doesn’t match what I see with my eyes? What do I do when it feels like God is silent? If you’ve been asking these kinds of questions, you should know that you are not alone. We all struggle through these questions at some point in our lives, and many of the people we read about in Scripture struggle with them as well. The prophet Habakkuk lived during a really dark, difficult time in the history of Israel, and he brought these hurts, these concerns to the Lord. How God responded to Habakkuk reveals some incredible things about the character of God, and it offers hope to people like you and me who sometimes struggle with doubt and fear. Join us as we dig into God’s word together.

Series Schedule

5.28 - Are You Listening?

6.4 - Hold On... What? 

6.11 - Will You Save Me?

6.18 - What Should I Do?